Hinge Drilling Machine With Adjustable Drilling Head

Hinge Drilling Machine With Adjustable Drilling Head

This multi spindle hinge drilling machine is working upwrd that can make sure that the wood dust can extrude without burning the drill bits.

Product Details

 boring head that will be neededhinge drilling head fixed

 the holes we can get to do this

MZ73034 woodworking four head hinge boring machine for door lock drilling is equipped with four multi spindle drilling heads. There are three spindles on the each multiple drilling head of this hinge boring machine. This hinge drilling machine is used to be a hinge drilling machine that works on doors and other wood products that need drilling holes. This hinge boring machine is with four drilling head and there are 3 spindles on each of it. The distance between the 3 spindles of this door hinge machine can be adjustable if you need. MZ73031 door lock hole drilling machine is a basic woodworking machine for wood carpenter drilling machine. This hinge boring machine can make the big hole for the hinge belly and can make two small holes for the screws at the same time. This hinge drilling machine is mainly working on door lock drilling. This boring equipment is used for door lock holes drilling and making. It is small in sizes and weight. So this kind of single drilling head hinge drilling machine is used in small doors factory or an assistant hinge boring machine for big doors factory. We also sell this kind of drilling machine online. So you can contact us via website. At the same time, our company can also supply with most kind of woodworking machines: such as drilling machine, sliding table saw, edge banding machine, sanding machine, brush sanding machine, combined woodworking machine, CNC drilling machine, double end tenoner, four side moulder, painting machine, vacuum membrane press, cnc milling machine, CNC mitering and tenon machine, cold press, hot press and most of the woodworking cutters.

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