Customized Woodworking Carbide Tips Cutters For Wood Doors And Windows

Customized Woodworking Carbide Tips Cutters For Wood Doors And Windows

Our company can supply for woodworking shaper cutters, finger jointing kinves changeable planning cutters, cnc router shaper cutters for doors, cabinets, floorings, walls, windows, and most of the wood products.

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The customized shaper cutters with carbide ordiamond tips are used to process the sided surface of the wood pieces and mainlu used on spindle shaper and four side moulder, double end tener and profiling machine.

The sutructure of the woodworking cutter is #45 steel cutter body + welded carbide or diamond tips

Theres is different types for the woodworking customized cutters: shaper cutters, planning cutters, grooving cutters, finger jointing cutters, door frame and door plank cutters, wall board cutters and flooring cutters, etc.

1) when you want to install the machines, you need to clean the machine spindles and the cutters first

2) the running direction of the woodworking customized cutters should be same with the woodworking macine runnig directions.

3) combined cutters of different shapes for same wood sample, you shoulde add spacers to make sure that it can work as we designed.

4) the inner hole of the customized woodworking cutter should be fit to the machine spindle, such more or less than 0.02mm.

5) It can not move while you make it tightend to the spindles.

6) While the woodworking cutters working, you should make sure the machine mask is covered so that the cutters wont damage workders' health.

7) Choose different running speed while working on different materials

8) The welded carbide tips cutters can be ground when it is not sharp. You need a special man to do this in case that the cutting angles are destroyed by the new hands.

Mostly it has space: it is because following:

It can not be adjusted well or the spacer is not fit to the requried thickness,

The woodworking cutters and the machine spindles are not clean eought to make the cutters running unsteadily;

The designer has the wrong sizes for the wood samples.

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