CNC Drilling Machine For Acoustic Board

CNC Drilling Machine For Acoustic Board

This multi spindle drilling is controlled by CNC and the program is designed to drill the holes in large quantity. This woodworking drilling machine is designed to drill on acoustic panels which needs too many holes. It can drill more than 100 holes at one time. The drilling speed can be adjusted. With this cnc drilling machine the drilling pattern can be designed first.

Product Details

1. This cnc drilling machine is operated by advanced cnc control system that makes the operation easily and work precisely. You can program the numerical control system to decide the drilling queue and movement right and left side of the drilling line, or Play the plum blossom hole misalignment.The drilling lines can move back and front with high effect. It equipped with vacuum plot that can help to locate precisely.

2. This multi spindle drilling machine is Mainly used for acoustic board drilling work. This woodworking drilling machine is installed with a strong working capability. This is a best choice for the acoustic board manufacturer.

3. This machine equipped with PLC control system and professional numerical program. The digital shower can be read easily and precisely. 

4. also we have a design of cutting machine that can cut strips on the drilled acoustic panels. This cutting machine is called multi rip saw which can have many strips after the drilling machine working.

5. the distance of the drilling holes center can be customized. This cnc drilling machine is a customized machine. The working table, the voltage and drilling holes numbers of this multi spindle drilling machine can be customized and your requirements . 

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