CNC Drilling Machine For Acoustic Panel Multi Spindle Drilling

CNC Drilling Machine For Acoustic Panel Multi Spindle Drilling

This multi spindle drilling machine is controlled by CNC program. The total spindle number is determined by the drilling distance and working width of the acoustic board. The cnc drilling machine is special and can be customized for your needs. The working width and drilling spindles can be customized. We also have multi rip saw that can cut the acoustic panel into small pieces and the four side moulder to make groove and tougne for each side of the acoustic panel.

Product Details

  1. This cnc multi spindle machine is used for acoustic PANEL drilling. Because the acosutic panel drilling need a lot of holes and to save time, this cnc drilling machine come out to solve the problem. There can be 156 and more holes drilled once with this cnc drilling machine. 

  2. this cnc drilling machine is a cnc wood panel drilling machine. The woodworking drilling machine is made with two drilling lines and each line has multi spindle drilling spindles. this cnc boring machine is customized by most of the customers because its working width and drilling holes needed. We can design this cnc multi spindle drilling machine for each one needs. 

  3. this drilling machine is sound absorbing board drilling machine. There are a lot of drilling spindle to work together. You can get different holes diamter and distance with this multi spindle drilling machine. 

  4. This woodworking machine CNC  is controlled by cnc program. You can write the program when you want to get different distance holes. Our standard distance is 32mm, so you can get distance 8mm,16mm, 32mm and 64mm, etc. 

  5. The furniture making machine is very convinient for  factories who produce sound absorbing board. 

  6. We have a lot of machines that to meet different requirements for the acoustic panel drilling. 

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