Wide Belt Grinding Machine For Wood

Wide Belt Grinding Machine For Wood

R-RP630 types wide belt sanding machine for wood and wood floor There is many wood sander types. This R-RP630 is one of the wood sanding types with working width 630mm. Wide Belt Sanding machine is with double sanding frame; it is a sanding machine for wood, such as fiber wood, solid wood, plywood, particle board, veneers, etc. This sanding machine with a reducer can help sanding machine feeding speed and feeding thickness. You can set up the fixed thickness on the screen panel on the machine. Wood floor sanding machine is different from the floor dust collector; it is for making wood floor.

Product Details

1) The whole Wide Belt Sanding machine body is welded by steel plate, and  this Wide Belt Sanding machine has been dealt with fire so the machine body is very steady.  The feeding conveyor of the Wide Belt Sanding machine is branded; its quality is strong and working steady. This Wide Belt Sanding machine can make many wood sander types.

2)   wide belt sander is used iron steel made tension cylinder for the sanding belt. This sanding machine for wood has a large tension for the sanding machine for wood and strong while working.

3) This wood floor sanding machine is making use of 63x20 cylinders, which has large strength. These cylinders of this sanding machine for wood make sure that the feeding conveyor can work steadily;

4) The WIDE BELT SANDER Wood Floor Sanding Machine has been strengthened by enhances its diameters. The big diameters of Wood Floor Sanding Machine can make sure that the main roll of this Sanding Machine can work effectively and strongly.

5)  The digital readout for the working thickness of the Sanding Machine adapts photoelectric sensitive head, with high precision and can work in most kind of environment; 

This R-RP630 wide belt sander wood floor sanding machine is used to work on non painted and non-veneered board. The board should be even. 

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