Combined Brush Sanding Machine With Disc

Combined Brush Sanding Machine With Disc

This brush sanding machine can be customized. As different company may needs different width and brush quantity. This brush sanding machine is used for sanding uneven boards with curves and strips. The feeding speed of this brush sanding machine can be adjusted. The feeding belt speed of this brush sanding machine can be changed with frequency transformer or manually. The working thickness of this Woodworking Brush Sander can be controlled by the control box with digital readouts. This can be easily understand and save time. The brushes of this brush sander machine on the running roller can be changed. You can ask our sales when you meet brushes changing problem.

Product Details

1.      The sanding brush machine can brush and sand MDF wood doors and other wood products with uneven on the surface. This sanding brush machine is better used on uneven or hollowed wood. Because the thickness sanding will damage the brushes too much.

2.      It is a woodworking brush sander machine working on uneven surface. This brush sanding machine makes the shapes much even and smooth.  This Woodworking Brush Sander can make the edge of the shapes on wood feel round and soft. After the sanding of this Woodworking Brush Sander, the wood board can be a craft. This Woodworking Brush Sander can also be used on primer or painted products. You need tell the sales before you choose one Woodworking Brush Sander.

3.      This sanding brush machine requires minimum working length longer than 500mm. If your wood piece is shorter than this, you can find a way to feed the panels continuously.  This Brush Sander Machine is a good woodworking machine for carved wood doors.

4.      The panel brush sander is used before painting. This brush sander can also be used after painting but we need to equip much soft sanding brush. 

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