What Is Woodworking Drilling Machine

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Woodworking drilling machines are woodworking machines that use drills to process through holes or blind holes in workpieces.

Woodworking machines used for machining through holes or blind holes in workpieces using drills (see woodworking cutters). Woodworking Drilling machine has horizontal and vertical, uniaxial and multi-axis points, mainly used in wood drilling, processing round tenon hole and repair knots and so on. Vertical single spindle woodworking drilling machine and cutting metal vertical drilling machine structure similar to the drill clip held in the lower part of the spindle of the drill clamp, driven by the motor rotation, workpiece on the workbench, can be manually or automatically feed. Multi-Spindle woodworking drilling machine (see photo) for the processing of plate furniture of the round tenon hole, there are single row and multiple rows of points. Each row of drill shafts is driven by a single motor through the gear, and the center distance of the drill shaft is 32 mm or its multiple (standard plate furniture). The adjacent bits rotate in the opposite direction, using the left and right rotary drills. The slide board with each row of drill shafts can adjust the position on the bed, and the drill shaft can also tilt the angle on the slide board.

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