Treatment Of Edge-sealing Rubber Line Of Semi-automatic Edge-banding Machine

- Mar 01, 2018 -

The rubber line between the plate and the edge band will have a bad effect on the appearance of the panel furniture. The amount of glue is too large, it will make the rubber line obvious, on the contrary, will reduce the strength of edge banding. For discontinuous or uneven gum line phenomenon, the causes are manifold, to take into account the following factors: the accuracy of the plate, the side of the plate must be with its plane to maintain 90° angle; the pressure of the edge-banding machine is evenly distributed, the size is suitable, the pressure direction and the plate edge into 90° angle; Whether the hot melt adhesive is homogeneous on the top of it, whether the glue is suitable or not, seal the edge of the plate as far as possible in the cleaner, less dust, in the finishing process, to avoid dirty things and rubber line contact. Shanghai semi-automatic edge banding machine to win the trust of enthusiasm, automatic edge banding machine, Shanghai Automatic Edge machine Quality station advantages.

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