Semi-automatic Edge Sealing Machine Temperature

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Because the sealing edge Hot melt adhesive performance is affected by temperature, so in the process of sealing, temperature is a very important indicator. At the edge of the hot melt adhesive temperature, substrate temperature, edge-sealing material temperature and working environment (semi-automatic edge machine Workshop) temperature are very important edge parameters.

In the semi-automatic sealing machine as a result of adhesive coating on the substrate, the temperature is too low substrate will make hot melts in advance curing, resulting in glue can be glued to the substrate, but sticky edge sealing materials, the temperature of the substrate is best kept above 20°c. Semi-automatic edge banding machine working environment temperature will affect the curing speed of the glue. Factories often in the low temperature of the season will appear edge problem, the reason is that low-temperature hot melt adhesive curing speed, bonding effective time shortened. If the feed speed of semi-automatic edge banding machine can not be changed (in most cases), to ensure the quality of the sealing edge must preheat the plate and edge-sealing materials.

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