Sanding Machine Belt Model To Be Selected According To The Board

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Sanding machine has a wide range of applications, not only the timber industry, many industries will also use sanding machine, sanding machine in the different plate grinding, need to use different models of the belt.

1, such as floor plate thickness grinding can be used 60# sand belt to do, a selection of sand belt can be. The primer is polished with 320# sanding, with a speed of 6-9 Hz.

2, Flooring water-based putty sanding, to the front sand 100# sand belt, after the sand 150# belt. To do the fine sand with the back of the sand first installed 240# sand belt, after the 320# sand belt.

3, floor water-based paint requirements sanding texture must be consistent with the surface paint leveling requirements, that is, grinding precision, 320# sanding, you need to pay attention to adjust the sand belt speed, with visual method to observe sanding texture, to adjust the sand.

4, Sanding machine according to the different plate debugging to ensure that the production of high-quality products.

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