Note On Bearing Replacement Of Automatic Edge Banding Machine

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Now the market on the automatic sealing machine a wide range of styles is also a variety of, just meet the needs of a lot of apparel industry, we know that bearing is the most important part of the full brake edge machine, the following we have to learn the automatic edge-banding machine bearing is mainly to see those parts.

Automatic edge banding machine rigid spindle design for both sliding bearings and rolling bearings are used, but in most cases the use of rolling bearings, because the rolling bearing with small size, high speed, long life, simple assembly, sealing and lubrication is also relatively simple, and can be directly selected from the sample and other advantages. However, because of the good seismic resistance and small radial size, the sliding bearing is often used in the design of rigid shafts. In this design, because the design of automatic edge-banding machine is a small vibration of the machine tool, so the use of rolling bearing as a support. Here is a small series to introduce you to the automatic edge banding machine to choose the right bearings:

Selection of bearing types: drilling design, the use of a variety of rolling bearings, according to the main spindle load size, direction and speed of different.

Often used in the following kinds of rolling bearings: single-row radial ball bearings, single row tapered roller bearings, single row centripetal thrust ball bearings, double row centripetal short cylindrical roller bearings, single row thrust ball bearings single row radial short cylindrical roller bearings. The centripetal bearing is mainly subjected to radial load, also can withstand the small axial load, thrust bearing can only withstand axial load, centripetal thrust bearing can withstand both axial load and radial load. In this design, the spindle is subjected to axial load, bearing radial load, so a single row tapered roller axis is selected.

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