Mold Ready-made China's Fastest-growing Industry

- Mar 01, 2018 -

According to China Mold Industry Association Management Committee compiled "National Mold Professional Factory basic Situation" statistics, in recent years, China's mold to average more than 15% of the speed of growth, higher than the average domestic GDP increase by more than one times. Among them, casting mold accounted for about 5% of all kinds of mold output, annual growth rate of up to 25%, the development is very active, become the fastest growing industry in China.

In the current economic globalization tide, the international division of labor is forming. Many foreign companies are based on cost pressures, buying foundry parts in China and even setting up foundry production bases in China. On the other hand, the production level and ability of our country's casting mould have greatly improved, and the gap between mould quality and international level is shrinking. High-quality low-cost driving foreign procurement surge, huge overseas mold market demand for China's mold industry has played a great role in promoting.

The rapid development of China's automobile and motorcycle industry, the production of continuous growth for many years, ranked first in the world, dramatically increase the demand for complex, large-scale, precision casting mold, and thus as the important support of foundry industry-casting mold industry has gained unprecedented opportunities for development. Casting parts of the application of a wide range, almost all industrial areas, of which the parts of the automobile castings with its number of large, variety, strict requirements, high quality and the amount of non-ferrous metal materials in the first place, in the entire casting industry accounted for the largest share. In the next few years, China's casting die production will still be mainly from the domestic automotive industry, the strong thrust, it will be more brilliant achievements.

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