Maintenance Of Common Problems In Semi-automatic Edge Banding Machine

- Mar 01, 2018 -

1, the pressure part of the problem caused by trimming and polishing equipment abnormal work. If the plate pressure is not tight, or before and after the pressure board, when the plate moving to the glue part of the plate as a result of the coating and pressure wheel on the side of the sheet exerted a certain pressure, resulting in displacement of the plate, deviation from the baseline, resulting in the subsequent process can not be completed.


The plate press tight, and before and after the same tightness, and then the trimming tool datum and the imitation wheel to the plate, and finally adjust the tool until the ideal effect, the problem will be solved.

2, fixed the Datum plane did not find the board surface.

The trimming knife is able to accurately trim the edge of the bar to the ideal line benefit from the horizontal ruler (oblique wheel or arc) and vertical ruler (profiling wheel) next to the trimming knife. If they cannot cling to the moving plates, they will not be able to build the proper lines.


Send a long and flat plate into the edge-banding machine (be careful not to glue it), when the plate moves to be able to cover polishing, scraping edge, fine repair, rough repair This position will be the conveyor belt to stop, to the plate as the benchmark, the above mentioned horizontal and vertical datum to the plate, the cutting edge of the tool near the edges of the plate, waiting for the back to fine-tune, Until the ideal effect appears.

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