Edge Banding Machine Considerations

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Curved Line Edge Sealing machine is the main advantage of bonding firmly, fast, lightweight, high efficiency, to want to large this effect, in addition to buying good edge banding machine, but also pay attention to edge banding, hot melts, substrate, working environment and operating methods and other elements. Selection of edge banding should pay attention to the width, thickness, material, toughness, surface treatment and other factors. Hot Melt adhesive should pay attention to the difference between high, medium and low temperature, and the type of edge banding matching, but also the scientific setting of heating control temperature and sol flow and solidification delay. Base material selection also has the quality, the temperature, the aspect parallelism and the verticality request, the work environment indoor temperature, the dust concentration also needs to consider, the operation base material, the banding belt, the rubber axis movement speed, the pressure, the balance, the consistency and so on will affect the sealing effect. Four, the maintenance curved line edge banding machine method curved straight edge banding machine in use will also appear some problems and failures, common failures are:

1. Electrical failure. Including the host shutdown, heating is not fast, procedures, and other disorders, not in time to eliminate, will burn the motor and heating pipe, and even damage the entire mechanical system. Maintenance of the main inspection of electrical control box, motor, heating pipe, delay device. This kind of overhaul is usually repaired by a professional or manufacturer manufacturer.

2, Gas road failure. including valve failure, air leakage, low pressure, cutting knives, feeding does not work, and so on, mainly check the integrity of a variety of pneumatic components, replacement parts can be in the production of technical staff under the guidance of the manufacturer.

3. Mechanical failure. Mainly have transmission failure, glue unevenness, feed failure and cutter fault, and so on, mainly check the mechanical parts of the good condition and firm parts, the transmission site is offset.

4, adhesion failure. such as adhesion, deviation, entrainment, etc., this is a comprehensive fault, and rubber shaft, edge banding, sol, substrate and operation. This kind of malfunction may alternately appear, may also appear singly, the specific maintenance depends on the situation.

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