Various sanding machine different advantages and disadvantages

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Sanding machine is commonly used in woodworking machinery, it is divided into many kinds, in addition to woodworking operations such as stone, metal processing will be applied to sanding machine, sanding machine can be on the plate sanding treatment to improve product quality. The sanding machines used in different industries have different structure and advantages and disadvantages.

The Strip sand light often uses the long belt sanding machine and the wide-band sanding machine, the long belt sanding machine can be divided into the long belt sanding machine with the sliding worktable and the hand-controlled press block, as well as the long belt sanding machine with the pressure block and the felt rib belt. The sanding workpiece of the former can be moved on the Working table with guide rails, and the hand-holding lever is used for the sand grinding of the workpiece under the action of pressure block.

This kind of sanding machine is simple in structure and low in investment cost, which can be used for sanding the parts of large size wood veneer or wood-based panel, and can get better sanding effect under the operation of skilled workers. It replaces the cutting direction moving hand control plate with the pneumatic pressure pad, and the pressure pad covers the whole workpiece width. But when the abrasive belt and workpiece contact surface is too large, increase the power consumption, and sanding when a large number of sawdust easily adhered to the sand belt, and the sand belt is easy to heat, thus shortening the life of the belt.

There is also a multi-axial pressure block type long belt sanding machine, which is suitable for the hollow plate pieces of sanding, even if the surface of the hollow plate is slightly not usually also can get better sanding effect.

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