Treatment method of common faults of sanding machine

- Mar 01, 2018 -

First, the operation of broadband sanding machine when dust floated out. The user can operate too quickly, the dust will be too much, the machine cannot absorb completely. Solution: Slap the dust bag so that all the dust fall into the bag bottom.

Second, the machine does not boot normally. Solution: 1, check the power switch. 2, check the normal use of voltage. 3, check the connection line of the normal. 4, check the normal use of motor carbon brushes.

Third, easy to panic when used. Solution: 1, the gasket is too high. 2, speed can not be achieved. 3. The voltage is too low.

The noise is too loud. Solution: 1, belong to the running-in period. 2. Change Gears.

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