The historical development of CNC machine center

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Numerical Control (English name: Numerical control short: NC) technology refers to the use of digital, text and symbols of the digital instructions to achieve one or more mechanical equipment action controls technology. NC is generally used general-purpose or dedicated computer to achieve digital control, so CNC also known as Computer numerical control (computerized numerical controls), referred to as CNC, foreign generally known as CNC, rarely again with the concept of NC. It is usually controlled by the position, angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and the mechanical energy flow related to the switching volume. The production of NC relies on the appearance of data carrier and binary form data operation. 1908, perforated metal sheet interchange data carrier came out; at the end of 19th century, the control system with paper as data carrier and auxiliary function was invented. In 1938, Shannon at MIT conducted a rapid data operation and transmission that laid the foundation for modern computers, including computer digital control systems. CNC technology is closely combined with the control of machine tools developed. 1952, the first CNC machine tool came out, became the world machinery industry History of an epoch-making event, promoting the development of automation.

Numerical control technology is also called the Computer Numerical control technology (cnc,computerized numerical controls), it is uses the computer to realize the digital programming technology. This technique uses the computer to carry out the control function of the movement track and the peripheral operation sequence of the equipment according to the beforehand Storage Control program. Because of the use of computer to replace the original hardware logic circuit composed of CNC devices, the implementation of various control functions, such as storage, processing, operation and logic judgment of input operation instructions, can be accomplished by computer software, and the micro instruction transmitted to the servo drive device to drive the motor or hydraulic actuator to drive the equipment running.

Traditional mechanical processing are manual operation of ordinary machine tools, when processing with hand-shaking machine tool cutting metal, by the eye with caliper and other tools to measure the accuracy of the product. Modern industry has already used computer digital control of the machine tools, CNC machine tools can be prepared in accordance with the technical staff of the program automatically to any products and components directly processed. This is what we call NC machining. CNC Machining is widely used in all mechanical processing of any field, but also the development trend of mold processing and important and necessary technical means.

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