Management skill of sanding machine production line

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Sanding machine is very popular woodworking machinery, a lot of woodworking operations are inseparable from the help of sanding machine, sanding machine production line management needs to master some skills to increase the efficiency and quality of production, while reducing the safety hazards at work.

1. The voltage of the outlet is identified above all the power outlets to prevent the low voltage equipment from being mistakenly connected to the high voltage.

2, all the doors in front of the door and behind the identification of the door should be "push" or "pull". Can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the door, but also very convenient for normal access.

3, the emergency production of the product instructions to separate the different colors, you can easily remind the priority of the production line, priority for inspection, priority to arrange packaging and priority shipments.

4, all the internal high-pressure container, all should be firmly fixed, such as fire extinguishers, oxygen cylinders and so on. Can be less likely to occur unexpectedly.

5, the production line has the new person to carry on the work, in the newcomer's arm identifies "the new job", on the one hand reminds the new person is still a novice, on the other hand, may let the line the QC personnel specially "take care of" him.

6, factory people in and out, but also need to be closed door, can be installed on the door can be "automatic" closure of the Poles, on the one hand can ensure that the door has been closed, on the other hand the door is less likely to be damaged (no one forced to open the door).

7, in the finished product, semi-finished products, raw materials warehouse, each product of the highest, minimum inventory to make provisions, and identify the current inventory. You can clearly know the real inventory. Prevent the inventory from being too high, but also prevent the product that sometimes needs is not in stock.

8, the production line of the switch button as far as possible not toward the aisle, if you really need to face the corridor, it is also best to be able to add cover for protection. This will prevent the traffic on the aisle from accidentally colliding with the button, causing unnecessary accidents.

9, the Factory control center in addition to control center on duty, is not allowed outsiders to enter. Prevent the "curiosity" of unrelated personnel from causing major accidents.

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