Five characteristics of woodworking sanding machine

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Woodworking sanding machine as an indispensable woodworking work machinery, to a large extent to facilitate the cumbersome work of carpentry, but many people do not understand it, today, sanding machine Small series on the finishing of the five characteristics of sanding machine for everyone to use sanding machine for reference.

Woodworking Sanding Machine Five characteristics:

1, the use of environmental dust, equipment need to do a special design, so that the dust can not be affected by the stability of the operation.

2, precision equipment But the use of the operator's lower quality, equipment operation adjustment to design as simple and intuitive as possible, the operation needs to train specialized personnel.

3, sand Belt is very easy to run deviation, control belt system to stabilize, protect the belt and brake system must be reliable.

4, the left and right sides of the thickness of uneven, table lifting system stability.

5, the use of a long time but poor maintenance, and regularly strengthen maintenance to prolong the service life.

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