Woodworking Four Side Molder Machine

Woodworking Four Side Molder Machine

There is different types of four side moulder also called four sided planer. The spindles can be customized if you needed

Product Details

    Four side moulder is used to process four surface of the wood. There are at least 4 spindles: upper, bottom, left and right. The four sided planer is not only used for plane surface, but this four sided planer can be used for process shaper moldings. The kind of four side moulder can siplify the working time and procedure and can also save time for processing. If you use planer or spindle shaper, you need to process each surface one by one. Using this four side moulder planer, you can get four surfaces ready at one time and save your time for processing. 

The advantages of this kind of four side moulder

1) The four sided planer can enhance the working capacity and efficiency: 

The four side moulder is a kind of woodworking machine that combines at least four cutters to finish a processing work. Compared with traditional machines, the four side moulder can shorten the working time and enhance working effeciency. The four sided planer can instead of  the work doing by other machines seperately: planer, thicknesser, shaper machine, etc. This four sided planer save time for adjusting cutters on shapers, and do the work by planer and thicknesser. This four side moulder is also saved human power to do the same work. When woodworking customized cutters are installed to the four sided planner, only a workder needed to operate the four side moulder. 

2) This four side moulder can enhance the success of the wood samples. 

The wood is one time coming through the four side molder machine processing center. So we can get the required shapes and planed surface. This can avoice repeated processing for positioning while using other different machine to get same wood shapes. you muse cut off i or 2mm to avocie the makrs made by the feeding parts of this four sided planer.

3) the four side moulder can enghance the procesing accuracy and quality of the wood 

this four sided planer enhances the straight and planning of the surface of the workpiece and to make sure there is high accuracy for next proccesing. The four side moulder can reduce the installing times for the woodworking cutters and reduces the mischarge of repeated installing of the cutters. The feeding speed of the four side moulder can be adjusted to reduce the cutting capcity and make sure that the quality of the wood piece is much better.   

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